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AWP- The Plastic Manufacturing Company

Since 1953, AWP Plastics has been about designing and manufacturing retail and industrial plastic solutions. In the past twenty years, our plastic manufacturing company has experienced dramatic growth. Manufacturing products from a state of the art 120,000 square foot facility, we’ve manufactured literally thousands of plastic products for a diverse variety of clients throughout North America.

Our experienced staff in management, sales, design and production, are committed to providing the very best:

·      Products

·      Expertise

·      Service

AWP specializes in fabricating and thermoforming custom plastic products, and for years we have consistently provided high-quality, on-time, cost-effective and innovative solutions to our clients’ thermoforming & plastic fabrication projects.  We offer precision, quality, professionalism, expert staff, modern machinery, and the use of the latest technology.  Entrust your custom plastic project to us, and we will provide you with a solution that fits your specifications to a “T”!  With AWP, expect only the highest standard of service that you deserve, from your project’s inception all the way to its completion.

Our manufacturing facilities are equipped with the latest light-gauge and heavy-gauge thermoforming machines that are capable of producing simple to complex precision-formed components.  We fabricate see-through boxes, foam trays, and plastic plates to brackets, automotive parts, and industrial plastic tanks.  Our collection of continuous and cut sheet thermoforming machines can produce plastic products with consistent quality using a wide range of clear, custom-colored or translucent thermoformed materials of various densities.  We pay close attention to details, and to us every project is unique. Combining the skills and expertise of our staff with these capabilities ensures precision plastic fabrication and accuracy in production.  We use quality materials and quality processes.  We always strive to meet customer specifications, thus allowing us to serve the needs of various industries, including automotive, transportation, packaging, medical/dental, retail, electronics, electronics, entertainment, and more.

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