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Letter to Government Re:Old Growth Technical Advisory Panel

Honourable Katrine Conroy                                                                                   Minister of Forests, Lands, Natural Resources and Rural Development   P.O. Box 9049, STN Provincial Government Victoria, BC V8W 9E2...

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Workers at Chances Casino Abbotsford Locked Out

On June 14th, after 16 months of casino shut downs, Playtime Gaming Chances in Abbotsford has issued lock out notice to all its employees because they would not agree to an inferior collective agreement that slashed benefits and offered mostly minimum wages. Instead of preparing for a potential re-opening in the first week of July the employer has chosen to leverage their advantage to get a long term concessionary agreement from their employees. Why not? Gateway Casinos can afford to wait it...

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The trustees of the IWA–Forest Industry LTD Plan have approved changes to the   LTD trust agreement   and the   LTD plan text   to align long term disability (LTD) coverage to weekly indemnity coverage. Effective July 1, 2021, employees will start contributing and participating in the LTD plan at the same time they become eligible for weekly indemnity coverage under an Industry Health and Welfare Plan. For most, that means employees start contributing to the...

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Canadian Labour Congress Convention   JUNE 16, 2021  -  JUNE 18, 2021   Ken Neumann, Canadian Director has put out a call to all USW local union leaders, activists and staff. We are advised that our Union is working to bring together a strong USW delegation so we can vote together for the next team of CLC leaders and support resolutions to make the CLC more democratic and representative.   The Executive Board at the meeting in May approved the...

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One-day Basic Steward Workshops (online format)   June 24th, 2021. 9:00 am -  4:30pm   As you may be aware, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, USW2009 has temporarily moved some of our key education sessions to an online format.  We are scheduling Introductory Basic Stewards workshops   designed to offer information, skills and tools for members who are active, or interested in becoming active, shop stewards at their worksite. Here is a preview of...

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Al Bieksa Re-elected as President of Local 2009

May 14, 2021 -To Members of Local 2009 We are thankful for all our members that participated in our local election for the first time through electronic voting. We recognize that this was a different election cycle from what you have been used to, but with safety protocols and restrictions we felt it appropriate and safe for you the members to vote electronically. The election was conducted through Intellivote with just over 500 members participating in the process. This election was...

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Unity and Strength for Forestry Workers – ACT NOW!

The forestry sector has always played a key role in Canada’s economic health. Now more than ever, it needs strong government action to ensure that it can continue to sustainably support workers’ families, their communities, as well as many of our public services. Right now, thousands of USW members and forestry workers could be in danger of losing their livelihoods. Decisions are being made that could affect the future of the forestry employment industry in British Columbia.

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Dear Fraser Health Family,     Since our    first immunization   on December 15, 2020, we have worked hard to deliver on the provincial goal of maximizing immunization of our highest priority populations as quickly as possible. It is rewarding to see what we have been able to achieve in a short period of time as vaccine arrived earlier than expected. We will be completing vaccinations at long-term care and assisted living facilities by the end of this week.

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Restore Public Health Care Services

“IN THE MIDST OF CHAOS, THERE IS ALSO OPPORTUNITY”  – SUN TZU  “ART OF WAR (544–496 BC)   The pandemic has provided a new lens through which to view how health care is delivered in BC, and what is possible to achieve. We must immediately stop contracting out of health care support services. Keeping them public is key to healthier patients and cleaner facilities.   When we hear stories about front-line healthcare...

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Standing in Solidarity with Indian Farmers

The United Steelworkers Local 2009 are proud to stand in solidarity with farmers from Punjab and across India as they stand together against injustices.   We implore the Indian Government to stop using violence against the protestors and instead engage in a meaningful dialogue with farmers with the goal of achieving a mutually satisfactory resolve. As you are aware In September 2020, during the Pandemic, Indian Government passed three laws deregulating the agriculture sector in...

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