Revisions announced today to British Columbia’s Employment Standards legislation will make a real, positive difference to workers and their families across British Columbia.

“The Employment Standards Act is being modernized, providing a more just level of protection for BC workers while removing barriers to access to justice by removing the self-help kit and extending wage recovery times,” says BC Federation of Labour President Laird Cronk.

These Employment Standards Act changes will improve fairness for workers and bring the province in line with international labour standards.

The BC Federation of Labour welcomes the increase in the minimum age for formal employment to 16, while allowing light duty work for younger workers.

“Employment standards are particularly important for the most vulnerable workers in society, such as women, immigrants, minorities, young workers, and precarious workers,” says Cronk.

“Providing leave from work in cases of intimate, personal and family violence leave is the right thing to do,” says Secretary Treasurer Sussanne Skidmore.

“It’s needed for victims to start addressing the impact of violence on all aspects of their life. However, we are concerned that the most vulnerable may not access this leave because it will be unpaid.”

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