Kucheran Wood Products

At Kucheran Wood Products Limited, we truly believe that these qualities are the basic fundamentals of success; for our company and our customer.  We strive each day to settle for nothing but the best!

Our goal, is to be trusted that we stand behind all our products to ensure ultimate customer satisfaction. We have and will continue to set ourselves apart from the competition when it comes to quality, service and support. We represent quality from suppliers, quality from us and quality for our customers. Quality, quality, quality is synonymous with Kucheran Wood Products Limited.

At Kucheran Wood Products limited, we offer many services to meet you needs.  Lumber sizing to customer specification, standard and custom pallets, as well, we also can provide pointed stakes & lath to name a few of our many services.

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Al Bieksa

Tel:(604) 513-1850
Cell:(604) 842-2900


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