The BC NDP has called an election which will take place October 24th, 2020. We have an opportunity to re-elect a government that understands firsthand, the challenges faced by working people in BC. The most important thing we can do, is ensure we get out and vote. Together, we have the power to elect the BC NDP, the party that appreciates our hard work, our industries, and our collective desire for a better society.


The United Steelworkers, and this local in particular, has always been politically involved. This year is no different. Our local is mobilizing our members to ensure  we re-elect the BC NDP.  We need to get out and help our local candidates. Consider putting out a sign at your home or dropping off leaflets to your neighbours. Perhaps you have a few hours that you could help do calling for your candidate or attend an on-line candidates’ meeting where you can ask questions of all the parties. And of course, if you have a few dollars to spare, your local candidate could always use a donation to help with campaign expenses.


But most importantly, every person who is eligible to vote, must take the time to cast a ballot, whether it is through a mail in ballot, at an advance poll or on election day.


We believe it is more than appropriate and timely to call a provincial election now, given the evidence that demonstrates we will soon be facing a very severe second wave on the COVID-19 pandemic. We need a strong stable government to deal with the evolving situation and not be strapped from doing the right thing because the opposition is looking for political gain.  The question we must all ask ourselves is simply who do we trust to protect us during this pandemic and who do we want to lead us to economic recovery?  John Horgan and the NDP is the only answer.


As we live and work through this pandemic and into recovery, voting has never been more important. This election is shaping up to be a choice between the BC NDP plan to protect and improve public services for everyone versus the BC Liberal plan for tax cuts that only benefit the wealthiest British Columbians. Andrew Wilkinson’s PST cut will mostly go to the wealthiest people who don’t need it and it will leave no money for health care.


Our BC economy is suffering right now because of the pandemic, not because taxes are too high.  John Horgan and the New Democrats will do a better job getting us through the pandemic because they’re investing in health care, child care and seniors long term care. We need the New Democrats to continue their dedication of fixing the bad decisions of 16 years of the BC Liberals, including returning all front-line healthcare workers to government and restoring dignity to thousands of workers.  We can achieve this and much more with a majority BC NDP government.

If you aren’t sure if you will vote in this election, here is why it is so important.



Voting means:

•    Expressing your opinion on issues and decisions that have an impact on your life;

•    Contributing to the smooth functioning of our society;

•    Electing the MLA responsible for defending your interests and voicing your concerns in your community;

•    Having your say on the way our social programs and society takes care of its children, seniors and most vulnerable;

•    Preserving the vitality of our democracy. Voting is not only our right-it is our power.

Not voting means:

·       Letting other people choose and decide for you.

·       Giving greater power to those who do vote: (if only 40% of people vote, it means a minority is deciding for the whole population);

·       People getting elected who may not represent your best interests;

·       Waiving support for issues that we believe in which other people are still fighting;

·       Not voting is not a protest. It is a surrender.


We can keep moving forward together, but first we need to re-elect John Horgan and the BC NDP. That means we need to get every single one of our members to the polls. This election will be close which means every vote makes a difference. You make a difference.


If you have any questions about where you can vote or how you can help with this election, please call us at (604)513-1850.

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