On June 19 USW Local 2009 and Playtime Gateway Gaming Inc. reached impasse in the attempt to negotiate a renewed collective agreement at the Chances Casino in Abbotsford (Peardonville).


The workers there remain far behind a living wage, a significant number earning only 30 cents above minimum wage.  Although past bargaining sessions had success in agreeing to a number of minor issues, most of the substantial issues remain unaddressed.  Issues that remain on the table include;


·      Mental health support

·      Severance pay

·      Pension/RRSP contributions

·      Health benefits

·      Wages


The Employer has not come to the table with a fair wage proposal that addresses the needs of its workers who are struggling to live and survive in the Fraser Valley. Workers in gaming facilities have historically earned relatively low wages. But now with the inflationary crisis that British Columbians have endured for the past few years and the fact that prices associated with the necessities of living (i.e. groceries, fuel, rent, mortgages, insurance etc.)  has eroded the buying power of the meagre wages casino workers earn to a point of near poverty. During the pandemic when the Casino was in trouble members understood and helped out by agreeing to a 4 year agreement with only a 6% general wage increase over the entire term (1.5% avg. annual increase)  Now its Gateway’s turn to help out.


In light of the fact that the Gateway Casino in Abbotsford has an estimated annual revenue of approximately  $16M this is not an issue of whether the Employer can afford significant wage increases but rather this is an issue of whether the Employer really cares about their employees and the community.


The USW 2009 Bargaining Committee is arranging meeting locations and times to fully update the membership and have discussions of next steps forward including possible job action.





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