Your bargaining committee met with G4S management for 5 days from March 11th to 15th. There were intense discussions on scheduling procedures. The company has alluded that they intend to implement changes to all airports regarding scheduling. The YXX Bargaining Committee has made it very clear to the Company we will not consider changing our language or our process for scheduling. On the last day of bargaining, the Company presented us with a comprehensive proposal regarding scheduling at Whitehorse. This was very much appreciated as they were giving us conceptual proposals prior to this document which made it very difficult for both sides to respond appropriately.

There were also lengthy discussions with the Company about the new SCTR (Screening Contractor Training Representative) program being implemented. All members of the Bargaining Committee were required to sign confidentiality agreements prior to any discussions. The Bargaining Committee cannot at any time disclose or discuss any information we received at the bargaining table with respect to the SCTR program. Information about the SCTR program can be found by the members on Info Net. This information is strictly confidential. Please do not discuss with anyone outside of your worksite or with anyone who is not a certified Screening Officer. The Bargaining Committee has asked for clarification regarding some of the documents so we can understand how this program will affect our jobs and our membership going forward within our contract.

Some members have been asking questions about the Essential Services with the IAM. What we know is there have been submissions filed by all the parties to the Labour Board. There have been no decisions or responses by the Board at this time however we will keep you updated on the process. Currently, we have agreed to keep our Essential Servicer in abeyance as we continue to meet with the Company. However, we are keeping a close eye on what is happening with the IAM and depending on our progress at the table we too may decide to proceed to the Labour Board on the same matter.

Lastly, we requested to meet again on April 15th to 18th and May 6th to 10th and have just received confirmation that the next dates will be May 6th to 10th 2019.

We would like to thank everyone for their patience in this long process to get a fair contract for all YXX screeners. 

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