A Message from the President-Al Bieksa


As you know, the B.C. provincial election takes place on October 24. It is no secret that our union has endorsed the BC NDP because they understand that building a strong and prosperous economy starts with investing in working people, improving and expanding services such as child care and healthcare, and making life more affordable for families such as yours and mine.

Today, however, I wanted to reach out to you personally not only in my capacity as President of our Local Union but as a personal supporter of Bob D’Eith, the BC NDP candidate and incumbent MLA for the Maple Ridge-Mission riding.

I was very excited when I heard that Bob was running for re-election. In a nutshell, I think he has a great balance of advocacy experience, understanding of local Maple Ridge issues and 25 years of law. I also have a lot of respect for a man who raises 5 kids. When you meet Bob, you can tell immediately that he is in this for the right reasons. He is going to bring our community issues to Victoria and not the other way around.


He is a strong voice in our legislature representing his riding and I know our members who live in Maple Ridge-Mission feel the same way.


When after over 100 years existence the Interfor Hammond Cedar sawmill in Maple Ridge closed it was Bob D’Eith that we went to for help and support.  It was Bob D’Eith that stood up for our USW members and supported us in eventually getting a forestry assistance package that applied to the Coast and not just the Interior.


Local 2009 knows that whenever we encounter a problem that needs government intervention we can count on Bob D’Eith being our strong voice in government and in the media. Its now our turn to be a strong voice for Bob.

I am hopeful you will join me, and your fellow USW 2009 members, in supporting Bob for re-election.

In solidarity,

Al Bieksa, President


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