Dear Fraser Health Family, 


Since our  first immunization on December 15, 2020, we have worked hard to deliver on the provincial goal of maximizing immunization of our highest priority populations as quickly as possible. It is rewarding to see what we have been able to achieve in a short period of time as vaccine arrived earlier than expected. We will be completing vaccinations at long-term care and assisted living facilities by the end of this week. As part of the provincial stage one population, priority units in acute care (critical care, high acuity, emergency departments and COVID-19 cohort units) along with paramedics, people awaiting long-term care placement and remote First Nations communities, are also moving rapidly to completion of vaccinations.


We have administered 100 per cent of the Pfizer vaccines as of Monday, January 11, and a new shipment arrived yesterday. For the Moderna vaccine, we have utilized all of the vaccines except for 1000 doses reserved for First Nations communities, where the immunizations are beginning today.


The tremendous amount of work that goes into coordinating one of the largest vaccine roll outs in recent time needs a strong coordination centre in place. I am thankful to everyone who has been supporting this work to date as we have exceeded our targets, and strong planning is underway to continue this momentum. I would like to thank Cameron Brine, Vice President Employee Experience; Dave Keen, Executive Director Workplace Health; and Dr. Ingrid Tyler, interim Executive Medical Director for Population and Public Health and Medical Health Officer, for starting us on the right path and continuing to support this important strategy.  


Today I would like to share our expanded structure for the Vaccine Coordination Centre as we prepare for the next stage of our vaccine roll out. I am happy to announce that Christine Mackie, Director Clinical Operations, will lead operations; Sharat Chandra, Chief Project Officer and Executive Director Major Capital Projects, will lead the planning and logistics; and Dr. Dayan Muthayan, Executive Medical Director Physician Partnerships and Performance, will be the physician liaison.


Our vaccine strategy is an enterprise-wide effort, and it is going to take cooperation and commitment as an organization to meet our targets going forward. The Vaccination Coordination Centre will continue to call on others in the coming days/weeks/months, as this immunization strategy is critical to protecting our loved ones, our communities and ourselves.


Stage two will start in the coming weeks with the arrival of more vaccines and includes:

  • community-based seniors age 80 and above; Indigenous elders; and Indigenous seniors age 65 and above;
  • people experiencing homelessness and/or using shelters;
  • provincial correctional facilities;
  • adults in group homes or mental health residential care;
  • long-term home support recipients and staff;
  • hospital staff, community GPs and medical specialists; and
  • other First Nations communities not vaccinated in the first priority group.


We are working within the context of uncertainty such as vaccine allotments and shipping dates. We are committed to sharing what we know and providing continued transparency on our vaccine strategy. At this time, it is important we remain vigilant and continue to follow the public health and Infection Prevention and Control guidelines.


I want to thank everyone for your collective efforts as we continue to respond to this pandemic. I know many sacrifices have been made, and how hard everyone is working to support our patients, families, communities and each other. The arrival of the COVID-19 vaccine has brought many emotions, ones of hope and excitement, and even a sigh of relief.  There has also been anxiety and worry about access to the vaccine, and I want to provide reassurance that there will be enough vaccine coming for everyone to be fully immunized. Now is the time we must model behaviour and show patience while we continue to work to protect those at higher risk of COVID-19.



President and Chief Executive Officer

Fraser Health

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