On April 28th we stand together as workers of the world and reflect on all of those workers who lost their lives or their health because of their workplace. And then we ruminate about how we failed to protect them and what we need to do moving forward to prevent more deaths and injuries. At 11:00 am on April 28th we observe a moment of silence and remember;

  • we remember all workers stricken with workplace illness, suffering injuries or killed on the job
  • we remember the children left without a parent
  • we remember families facing hardship and deprivation
  • we remember young workers who are injured and killed at even higher, much higher rates than mature workers
  • we remember women whose workplace hazards are often unrecognized or ignored by health studies
  • we remember the walking wounded who are forced to continue working because they are denied fair compensation
  • we remember families and friends who have to nurse or care for ill or injured workers

The Day of Mourning was born of the values of the Union Movement.  It was created by working people to remind us that the fight continues for decent and safe working conditions.

As we reflect on the history of the Day of Mourning and the inspiration of those who sacrificed their lives for us, let us not forget that we must continue fighting for the safety and health of workers now and into the future.

We must never lose sight that the Day of Mourning isn’t just for those that have lost their lives or health due to work, but it is a time to renew our commitment and refresh our efforts to protect the living. Because an injury to one is an injury to all. Interested in the history of the Day of Mourning?  Watch video here “The Untold Story”

This April 28th we remember two of our Local Union comrades who were taken from us far too early.

This April 28th we remember two of our Local Union comrades who were taken from us far too early.

While it’s unfortunate that Steelworkers won’t be gathered in their communities for the Day of Mourning, it is still very important that we connect and commemorate the Day of Mourning. That’s why we are encouraging all of our members to participate with us in the USW District 3 Telephone Town Hall.

Please register to join USW District 3 for our Day of Mourning Telephone Town Hall on Tuesday, April 28 at 6:00 p.m. Pacific.  Click now to REGISTER. Select the Tuesday, April 28 option for the District 3 Telephone Town Hall on the registration page.

You’ll get to hear from USW District 3 Director Steve Hunt, National Director Ken Neumann and some of our members on the front lines. You can participate in honouring those injured and killed on the job over the last year, as well as participate in the discussion and ask questions. Tell your own story, pay a tribute to a dear friend, share a memory with us. 

If the union has your current phone number on file, all you have to do is answer the phone when we call you on the evening of Tuesday, April 28. You simply stay on the line to join the telephone town hall.

If you’re not sure if the union has your current phone number, you can register for the telephone town hall on our website at www.usw.ca

Stay healthy and safe.


In Solidarity,

Al Bieksa - President                                         Georgi Bates - Vice President

Scott McRitchie - Financial Secretary            Mike Duhra - Treasurer








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